Why Reclaim Your Used Oil?

A Reusable Resource

Significant Cost Savings Compared to New Oil

Extend the Life of Your Machinery

Oil Reclamation Is Good for the Environment

Oil Reclamation for the Following Industries



Lubricant Oil Suppliers

Heat Treating

Injection Molding

Benefits of Oil Reclamation and Analysis

  • Reclaiming oil is less expensive than buying new
  • Reclaiming oil is better for the environment than disposing of used oil
  • Testing your oil regularly extends the life of your machinery

Resource Center

Want to learn more about oil reclamation and analysis?

Visit our resource center to download brochures, check out our FAQ section and watch a recently aired segment on Manufacturing Marvels featuring American Ultra Specialties.

Environmental Benefits

Go Green is no longer just a catch phrase. It is now a necessity. Oil reclamation (oil recycling) is a part of the Go Green solution. Saving and reclaiming industrial lubricants helps the environment by keeping the lubricant in use instead of burning it, which pollutes the atmosphere, or dumping it, which pollutes streams, rivers and groundwater. It also reduces the dependency on foreign oils. Working together we can protect the environment and keep our earth healthy for the future generations.