Quality Control

Our Top Priority: Quality Control

The ULTRASPEC staff is committed to quality from the receipt of used material to the shipment of the finished product. All reclaimed material (recycled oil) has a Certificate of Analysis that can be provided upon request.

A four-ounce, incoming analysis sample is retained for three years and is identified by the ULTRASPEC order number. A four-ounce, final loading sample is retained for three years and is identified by the ULTRASPEC batch number.

Reclamation Feasibility Testing:
A reclamation feasibility analysis is done on samples submitted. The results provide analysis for physical specification of the new product, the used sample provided, and a sample of the used material after treatment. Conclusions and recommendations based on these test results determine the cost to provide the reclamation service. Please send a copy of the feasibility sample data sheet along with a one quart used and a one quart new sample of oil.

Upon receipt of the customer’s used oil, an order number is given and a sample is taken of the oil. This order is kept separate from all other orders throughout the reclamation procedure. A batch number is assigned each time an order, or part of an order, is processed. More than one batch may be run on an order received. Quality tests are conducted during each step of the reclamation process.

Permits, Contracts & Licenses

Ohio EPA #: OHD982219925

NAICS #: 324191

US DOT #: 0452110

Steps Taken to Ensure Quality Control During Oil Analysis

Incoming analysis

Processing analysis

Analysis after processing to determine additive required to meet specs

Analysis after addition of additive to confirm proper specs

Analysis during final loading to certify product quality being shipped, this provides the results for the Certificate of Analysis

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