American Ultra Specialties, Inc. was incorporated in June of 1979. The founders, Bill and Mickey Stofey, originated the company on the premise that industrial oil could be restored to the original specification for reuse. This notion required first the willingness to present the industrial community with the idea of saving rather than disposing of the oil which was considered waste; second, a strong chemical background in lubricants was necessary; and third, an attempt to enter into a field as an unknown supplier of a possibly sciencecontroversial idea which was that a “waste” product could be reprocessed into a quality product.

At first this proved to be a struggle, so in order to accomplish the feat of presenting a quality product restored from used material, it was necessary to examine and analyze a sample taken from the potential customers’ operation. Quality was a vital factor for the finished product.

The age of “recycling” and conservation had begun. However, this had become popular only in the consumer market and was slow to be used in the industrial market. Even with the “mindset” that used is waste, the company was able to acquire a growth rate of 15% - 20% in the early years. This growth made it necessary to have a larger facility for more productivity.

The company, which is now commonly known as ULTRASPEC, was upgraded with:

  • experienced and trained personnel to handle a “Full Service Laboratory”
  • its own transportation including bulk and box trailers
  • expertise from association with willing industry peers

ULTRASPEC today is still a family-owned company, run by a second generation that is capable of providing quality reclaimed lubricants and new products at a comparative reduced cost. It fully practices conservation in recognition of the current environmental and economical issues we face today.


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