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scienceOil is an expensive commodity. American Ultra Specialties can assist in assuring that this expensive commodity is utilized to its fullest capacity by providing for the consumer the “ULTRASPEC ANALYTICAL SERVICE”.

An important factor in the preservation of the oil is the determination of oil breakdown. Contamination of the oil by water, dirt, solvent or the introduction of another oil which may be harmful to the process can lead to complete lubricant breakdown and equipment failure. Unscheduled maintenance due to equipment breakdown can be very expensive in terms of lost production. A preventative maintenance program using the latest x-ray techniques for analyzing oils can determine if there is excessive equipment wear. Periodic testing of the oils will alert you to the possibility of equipment breakdown by forecasting when a problem may occur. A more subtle form of lubricant breakdown is by oxidation of the lubricant causing a change in viscosity and increase in the acidity and depletion of the additive necessary to make the lubricant function properly. These subtle changes can only be determined through proper analytical techniques which the “ULTRASPEC ANALYTICAL SERVICE” provides.

If you have doubts of the lubricant quality, the best possible way to alleviate these doubts is through proper lubricant testing. The “ULTRASPEC ANALYTICAL SERVICE” program will help determine the quality as well as assure you that the specified lubricant is being utilized.

American Ultra Specialties has created this program to enable you to get the most out of an important asset --- your lubricant!





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